To keep up with the latest developments in the lift sector until the next edition of SILC, we offer a range of activities, including conferences, professional meetings, webinars, and periodic publications.


Research and knowledge are two crucial areas of SILC. Our speakers and collaborators periodically publish articles on various topics related to the lift sector, reflecting our commitment to research and knowledge sharing.


SILC is much more than a congress: as an open communication and collaboration forum in the lift sector, it includes several on-site associated events that allow for knowledge sharing and networking between companies, institutions, and professionals of the sector between editions.


Even remotely we can continue working online on different topics of interest for professionals and lift companies and learning from the leading experts in the industry. Our webinars will help you discover the latest innovations and stay up-to-date with industry progress.


SILC will set up spaces to enable networking among attendees. Lift professionals from all around the world will meet with key suppliers, professional associations, universities, technological centers and other decisive agents to share experiences and knowledge.


SILC offers its attendees the opportunity of visiting in first person leading European industrial sites where design and manufacturing activities take place and meeting all the professionals that are involved in the lift value chain.


SILC offers its attendees the best talent through lectures from international key players of the lift industry, managers of big business, technological and management authorities and much more. The most valuable information brought to you by leading experts.


SILC attendees will have the opportunity of visiting iconic attractions in Santander and Cantabria, of enjoying the landscape and the culture of this beautiful region of Northern Spain and of savoring its excellent gastronomy.

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